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Sometimes when exporting photos I want to create multiple different resolutions: full resolution JPEG at 90% (say), 2160px max height JPEG at 80%, 1080px max height JPEG at 75-80% and maybe an even smaller thumbnail too. Often I would like to strip out all the metadata too. I gather some Windows and Mac users use JPEGmini, is there an option for Linux or would it be a good thing to add to Ansel's export section? At the very least it would be good to have a 'clear EXIF data' option. What are your thoughts?
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Yes, it IS working fine in Windows 7 so far. Windows 10 was always a line in the sand for me so I've been migrating to Linux over the last two to three years (wish I'd done it sooner).Coming from DT 4.2.1 a few of the modules complained when importing from XMP: Highlight Reconstruction, Filmic and I think Lens Correction were not happy. I had Highlight Reconstruction set to "inpaint opposed" in DT and had to select a new option in Ansel.
Fair enough and thank you for the reply! I'll have to figure out how to install it on Linux (and how to get Affinity Photo ported too). I know there were some people who made progress on porting AF using WINE but it looked complicated.P.S. - Your rant on DT4 was highly amusing. Well done putting together Ansel! I only installed it last night, it's taking a little getting used to but so far it does actually feel a little faster.
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After the excitement of discovering Ansel I was pretty gutted to see the Windows download was for Windows 10 and 11 only. Despite of this I thought I'd download the installer and see if it would work on Windows 7 and to my pleasant surprise it does! Is there any reason Windows 7 compatibility should break in the future?Yes, I am bitterly clinging onto Windows 7 for games and Affinity Photo until I figure out how to get all that running on Linux too. Having Affinity Photo and Ansel on different boot drives would be far from ideal.
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