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You should try again now. 3 days ago there were quite a few new commits to the code and I was able to build it on windows with no problems.
The black images comes most likely from the highlight reconstruction module.It was probably set to inpaint oppesed which is not in ansel. Change it to clip highlights or any of the other options.
you can try applying a parametric mask where you protect the whites
RGB levels is display referred, Ansel's philosophy is scene referred
The levels and rgb levels modules are deprecated
Thank you for your work.I did years ago, probably more than a decade ago, voluntary work in the SimRacing community and later in my soccer club. So I know a little how much time you can spend there.I would like to support/help/contribute to this project but I have barely any knowledge about coding.I could do some testing or other little tasks if needed.
You have to use the color calibration module. The first tab is CAT what is used for white balance after that you RGB tabs for each of the color channel.