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Will try to document my first steps and also offset them against the learning curve, coming from DT

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Thanks for the help!

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That doesn't really look like the levels tool described in the documentation or the one I'm used to in DT - I think you're very kind to help but I may have misrepresented my question. This is the tool I'm searching for:


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I cannot find the RGB Levels module even if I filter on "levels". Has it been ditched in favour of something newer? If no, where should I find it and if yes, how can I manually adjust levels?

Version info: I'm running the V0.0.0+280~g34f3da09a as an appimage on Manjaro Linux

This issue (if it is an issue and not my inexperience with Ansel) is present both on my laptop as well as my desktop


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I FLOSS daily! (LOL)

But, jokes aside, thanks AP for setting this up, the site looks great and I'll be very happy to contribute.


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I've been using DT for many, many years now I suppose from way back when it was still in the very rough stages of development - V1.4 if I recall correctly. I've also been following Aurelien for some time and always found him insightful and he has a temperament not unlike my own - says things straight to the point without any superfluous pussyfooting even if it gets people irritated. Love that!

So I compiled one of the first versions of what started out as R&Darktable on my Manjaro laptop as well as desktop (so lappy with Intel graphics - slow - and desktop wth Nvidia).

I'm now starting to get acquainted with Ansel and like what I see. I'm an amateur photographer, on digital since 2003, using Pentax DSLR and an almost 99% F/OSS workflow with DT, Gimp, Digikam and a plethora of other image processing tools. Only two commercial packages I use are Photomatix for HDR and NeatImage for NR.

My webalbum can be found on (not sure if this is allowed here so correct me if not) and besides land/cityscape and architecture I do a lot of macro and graphically abstract work as well. As I stated above, all is done with open source tools and I hope to add Ansel to the mix as I like AP's development goals.

[EDIT]PS, I'm Dutch and do understand French as well but may be slightly compromised in trying to write anything in that language. My apologies in advance!

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