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Thanks for the help!
That doesn't really look like the levels tool described in the documentation or the one I'm used to in DT - I think you're very kind to help but I may have misrepresented my question. This is the tool I'm searching for:
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I cannot find the RGB Levels module even if I filter on "levels". Has it been ditched in favour of something newer? If no, where should I find it and if yes, how can I manually adjust levels?Version info: I'm running the V0.0.0+280~g34f3da09a as an appimage on Manjaro LinuxThis issue (if it is an issue and not my inexperience with Ansel) is present both on my laptop as well as my desktop
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I FLOSS daily! (LOL)But, jokes aside, thanks AP for setting this up, the site looks great and I'll be very happy to contribute.Mike
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I've been using DT for many, many years now I suppose from way back when it was still in the very rough stages of development - V1.4 if I recall correctly. I've also been following Aurelien for some time and always found him insightful and he has a temperament not unlike my own - says things straight to the point without any superfluous pussyfooting even if it gets people irritated. Love that!So I compiled one of the first versions of what started out as R&Darktable on my Manjaro laptop as well as desktop (so lappy with Intel graphics - slow - and desktop wth Nvidia).I'm now starting to get acquainted with Ansel and like what I see. I'm an amateur photographer, on digital since 2003, using Pentax DSLR and an almost 99% F/OSS workflow with DT, Gimp, Digikam and a plethora of other image processing tools. Only two commercial packages I use are Photomatix for HDR and NeatImage for NR.My webalbum can be found on (not sure if this is allowed here so correct me if not) and besides land/cityscape and architecture I do a lot of macro and graphically abstract work as well. As I stated above, all is done with open source tools and I hope to add Ansel to the mix as I like AP's development goals.[EDIT]PS, I'm Dutch and do understand French as well but may be slightly compromised in trying to write anything in that language. My apologies in advance!
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