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Music lover. Mostly shoot live music events. Primarily Reggae, Psych, Surf & Rockabilly.

Also shoot classic American muscle cars and do some product photography.

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I have a harder time reading white fonts so I changed most of them to black.

I want to change the Module Groups font to black. Can someone give me the CSS code?

Also, I want to reduce the weight of the Menu Titles. Can I have the code for that also?


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Thanks so much for clarifying this for us AP. I too was some what confused.

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okey dokey

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Most of my pix require a Watermark. It would be real nice for there to be a tab, shortcut or something in Lighttable that I can select an image and Watermark it then export. For example I may have 30 images to be exported. 10 need the Watermark on the top right corner. I can select those 10 then add the Watermark. Then I can select all the images that require a watermark on bottom left and do the same etc. Right now I have to select an image, open it in Darktable, add Watermark. Go back to Lighttable and export.

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Sorry for my ignorance, what is FLOSS?

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