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strange behavior in "Color Calibration"


I have detected a strange behavior in one of the Ansel modules. Specifically in the "Color calibration" module.

I have observed the following:

  1. I create a new instance of "Color calibration".
  2. I duplicate this instance for the B&W preset.
  3. I move the present over the "color balance RGB".
  4. I activate the present for B&W and in the "History" it is duplicated. Now I have two "Color calibration" with the same numeral "1".


Now if I don't like the result and I want to undo what I have done, I go to "History" select the initial instance of "Color calibration" and....


The instance that I had duplicated is placed at the beginning of the module group "color".


If I compress the "History" to leave it as at the beginning, it is still at the beginning. If I activate it, this happens:


It cannot be moved (Ctrl+Shift) and I can only delete it. Or close Ansel and reopen it. Only then the duplicated instance disappears.

I have tried the same with "Exposure" and it doesn't behave like that.


My Ansel is an AppImage, specifically:


If I am doing something wrong, I would appreciate your corrections.

Note: I often duplicate this instance because I like B&W and this module is very versatile. The reason for placing it above the "RGB color balance" is so that it affects all the lower modules with respect to the modifications I have applied to them. It is the last module I use in the transformation to B&W.

Thanks for reading and trying

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    • That looks like an unhandled case mixing history (old code) and pipeline reordering (fairly new code, 3 years old but not methodically tested).

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