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Select same month every year (and timetable)


first of all let me thank for this very interesting project!

I was following it since the beginning, and a couple of weeks ago my DT broke (again, and for no reason) so I tested it and it's working pretty well for me!

A feature I was using frequently on DT and it's not on Ansel is the timeline, I understand why you did it (https://ansel.photos/en/doc/special-topics/from-darktable/ ), I was wondering if there is any plan to re-write it in a better form (maybe activable from user such as the map view) or just giving it away?

I was using the timeline to move quickly from the same month of the different years (move from March 2023 to March 2022, to March 2021, etc); I like to go through the same month every year and see how the nature change across the year, and I also realized that is impossible select the same month of each year using the left panel...or maybe I just didn't find it...


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    • I'm not sure there is enough demand to justify such a specialized tool.

      For now, in the Library module (formerly known as collections), you go to the Queries tab, select Date taken, then you can get the collection of all pictures taken by searching for a year:month:day, for example 2022:03 will give you March, then just change the year.

      • I see, great, thanks!

        • I just realized that if instead of (for example) "2022:03" you write ":03:" you select all the pictures taken in March of every year, exactly what I needed :)

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