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Hello all


Glad to have discovered this community around Ansel.

I am an amateur photographer from Spain.

I've been taking photos for many years, since before the digital era, although always in an amateur way and without too much dedication.

My first digital camera was a 300D back in the early 2000s where I started to learn about the exciting world of digital photography and image processing.

I spent many years using Lightroom as a developer and Photoshop for some more advanced processing, focusing techniques, local adjustments and luminosity masks.

I also used Capture One, which I used somewhat and liked better in many ways than Lightroom, but which didn't have some of the photo sorting capabilities of LR.

Then I got to know Darktable, which is the one I use now, just at the beginning of its change to a scene-referenced model, which I found fascinating and much more suitable than the traditional processing model.

I found Aureliene's explanations of scene-referenced image processing and tone mapping with filmic very enlightening.

Nowadays I do almost all my editing with it, using almost exclusively the scene-referenced processing model (with some difficulties in processing high-light images that tend to have low contrast in those high lights).

The problem is that DT has become somewhat complex with so many obsolete modules and so much diversity to choose from.

Ansel's simplifying idea appeals to me.

I have done some testing and of course the results are just as good as with DT.

For the moment I haven't decided to convert the whole catalogue to ansel, for fear that some already processed photos might not be interpreted correctly or in case I have to go back to DT for some reason).

So I have a bit of a mess of catalogues, having to import the photos I want to process separately.

At some point I'll have to take the plunge, for the moment I'm still using DT but only using the recommended modules for scene-related processing.

Well, a bit of a long presentation, I just wanted to comment on my evolution and how I got to Ansel.

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    • Hi mate, good to see you here.

    • Thank you, my friend

      • Welcome !

        Ansel 0.0 is compatible back and forth with Darktable 4.0, by the way. But not with 4.2.

        • Great to know, I have checked and I have 4.0 installed yet.

          I won't upgrade DT to 4.2 ...

          So I can use ansel and open it in DT with the same catalog as long as I use a 4.0 catalog?

          Are all the modules in your program compatible with the ones in DT in that version?

          Thank you.

          • So I can use ansel and open it in DT with the same catalog as long as I use a 4.0 catalog?

            Yes. The styles, presets, modules parameters, XMP, database, everything is the same between Darktable 4.0 and Ansel 0.0. Only the GUI changes.

            • Thank you that will be great to test ansel my shelf.

              Please in the future, if you make changes that break compatibility with DT 4.0 catalog and xmp sidecars in some ansel versio, advice it in order to make a copy of the catalog first.

              I mostly used only scene refered modules, but i use color balance yo apply vignetting to some photos.

              I suppose those photos would render correctly but I won't be able to change the effect un ansel.

              Or does It justo ignores deprecatef modules?

              By the way, I see ansel interface is only half translated to spanish, may be me and @jofial can help with the translation from english.

              • Sorry, heavy typos in your message, I'm not sure to follow.

                Deprecated modules are hidden from GUI, they are still present in the pipeline and will run when needed. Ansel retains the full set of modules since Darktable 0.1 or something.

                For translations, it would be awesome. The guide is here : https://github.com/aurelienpierreeng/ansel/wiki/Translations

              • Sorry, when I use the mobile, the corrector makes its own guesses and I make typos my shelf, when I write in english the corrector gets mad.

                I have corrected it

                I will try to see if I am able to help with the translation (I will do it in the computer not the mobile XD ).

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