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Color picker does not work as documented in darkroom

The color picker in the darkroom is supposed to provide the mean, min or max (depends on selection) of the area you select when you use ctrl+click or the secondary mouse button.

But when you do that, the mouse cursor does not change int gives you the circular target and seems to provide only the value under the pixel pixcket and there seems to be no way to select a rectangular area.

Tested wotj 0.0.0+285 and linux mint vera.

Replies (2)
    • To be clear, you hit Ctrl before clicking on the color picker icon and click with the left button ?

      • OK, so ctrl or right mouse button has to be clicked when you click the color picker buttom at the left.

        I had understood you should use ctrl or right button during the selection of the pixels in the photo, while you drag the mouse as it is common in other programs.

        You are right, if I use ctrl to click in the button there appears a square rectangle that can be redimensioned.

        Wrong interpretation in my side, sorry, solved "problem".

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