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Color Label

The XMP specification calls for the <xmp:Label> property.

The XMP file Ansel creates contains only a private <darktable:colorlabels> property.

Is it possible to also add the <xmp:Label>colorXXX</xmp:Label> to the generated XMP file ?

This would allow for any application to be able to read the Color Label.

This would be the same as the currently generated Star Number <xmp:Rating>numberXXX</xmp:Rating> that is already generated by Ansel as per XMP specification.

I think it would be very helpful if there are other properties that could also be generated using the XMP specification, so as to allow any application that reads XMP files, to at least have a fighting chance in pulling as much data as possible.

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    • I have been told that dt re-implemented standard color labels because the standard ones are mutually-exclusive, while the private dt ones can use more than one label at a time.

      I will have to check all that.

      Using XMP tags that other applications can understand is a doubled-edged sword, as always, because then other apps can mess up with your data without user knowing it. Again, needs some serious assessment of needs, constraints, requirements and safety.

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