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'Load development from xmp' hangs when done in darkroom

Ansel version: 0.0.0+285

OS version: linux mint Vera 21.1 Cinnamon.

graphics driver: nivida-driver-530 (propietary driver).

OpenCL in use.

How to reproduce the bug (if it is a bug):

  1. Open a photo in the darkroom.
  2. open the duplicate manager at the left panel.
  3. Select Original to create a duplicate with neutral development.
  4. Select the menu option 'Edit/Load development from xmp' and select another xmp of other photo (or a previously xmp generated from the same photo).
  5. After that Ansel hangs and does not respond.

When you do the same from the lighttable (using act on selection/duplicate -> Edit/Delete development -> Edit/Load development from xmp) it works.

Replies (4)
    • Nobody can confirm the problem? Is it only a problem in my system or in linux mint?

      • To me the same thing happens to me. It only works if I copy and paste the .xmp

        • The duplication from lighttable is original code from the 1st generation of darktable developers, the duplication from the module in darkroom is a second-thought hack from the same guy who butched the GUI, using duplicated code, so none of this surprises me.

          Keep using the lighttable duplication for now. I will have a look at some point.

          • strange way of working, there is long time since functions have been invented to be called and not duplicate code. You seem right that there are crazy code in darktable.

            Great, thank you, I hope it will be fixed at some point, not an urgent bug to be fixed, as there is a way to do the task.

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