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Well, the project is quite stable right now.No big problems using it.But the developer is polishing it and changing the way some things worked in DT that where not optimum (at least not worked as he considered they should)Every day there are improvements, but for development if RAWS it works perfectly well.
Avif has been added to the appimage today and will be available from now in the nightly builds.It was allwasy available if you compiled from sources and had the libavif-dev library installed, but that library is not available in ubuntu version under which appimage is created.Devs have added libavif compiling from sources and now it is available in the appimage too.So the issue is solved.
I think 5 stars and colours are standard, they are standardized in the metadata and CMP specifications, I believe.
I haven't talk about stating in darkroom, just having easy access to the filter that lets you select the photos that are shown in the filmstrip and not havi g to go back an forth from lighttable. Classification has been previously made in light table but filtering is about selecting the photos you are going to work with and you usually need to broaden or narrow that selection when working with them.If you prefer go back to light able you always can do that instead of accessing the filtering criteria from the darkroom.
I support se you are refering to metadata editing.But indeed it is done in darkroom as you can change many metadata there, asong as developing photos.Being able to access and change the filter selection from darktable is not editing just s quick way to broaden or narrow the criteria without having to go back and forth between lightable and darkroom.If you don't need it it is as easy as not using the filter accessible from darkroom.But if I wan't to bride the criteria from 4 stars to 3 stars or just decided to narrow it to photos taken with the 16 mm for a moment I don't see the what can hurt a quick access to the filter criteria from darkroom instead of having to go to kightabke to change it then to darkroom to make a few changes and back to lightable to again set the criteria an.back to darkroom to continue developing.
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Adding a compare view while you are trying to export your photo to a given format to see the effects of your selections, would be great.Right now many export formats have options that affect the file size and the quality of the final exported photo, like quality in jpeg, output color profile and intent, etc.It would be great to show a before/after view of the result and show the effect of the current options before hitting OK to do the actual export.It saves you a lot of time and trial and error.Showing the final space used by the exported file would be of great help too.Some programs let you fix the final weight of the file instead of the compression factor or quality (when exporting to loosy formats like jpeg).That is great to upload photos with the best posible quality to online places that impose a file size limit.Then free online conversor Squoosh is a good example of what I mean.
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All your proposals sound good to me, but I would need to see it working in order to know how it works, as I don't fully understand some of the descriptions.Being able to change easily from one photo to another while in darktable would be of help.Rignt now, using arrow keys to change the photo you are developing seems not to work, and using the mouse you have to double click in the photo over the thumbnail in the filmstrip to activate it, a single click would be mor intuitive for me.In darkroom the filmstrip seems to show only the photos that are in the lightroom if there is some filter activated.Then if you want to see more photos (like change from 4 stars to 3 stars) you need to go back to ligtroom.Being able to change filters from wihin darktable would be great.Right now only stars and a few more info is shown in the thumbnails.I think there is plenty room to show more info.And when you change selected photo, showing some info as an overlay for a few seconds would be great (info not in thumnail, like name, camera model, aperture, etc, as I told other time lightroom does a good job in that).Changing stars and color selection does not work consistently.Color selection cannont be changed inside the thumbnail, it is in the botton of the interface, whil stars are shown in the thumnail and can be changed from there (which is great, being able to do so with color selection would be great).You cannot assign 0 stars (no stars) to the photos using the mouse, you have to use the keyboad, while you can assin no color selection to a photo using the mouse (a similar option to stars would be great).Finally, there is an interface option in ligtroom that let you assign meaningfull name to color selections, instead of just purple or red.Everybody uses that colors for different things, assigning a name for the color (just as an interface option than maps each color to a name that is displayed instead, nothing to be saved with each photo) is more readable and let you remember the use you had assigned to each color (people like me that can be some months without using the camera tend to forget their own conventions).For now is all I can think of about photo management.
May be that theme is a bit old or deprecated and it is time to change the default theme for another one?
Thank you.I have uninstalled the maps library from my system and all related libraries, and the new appimage seems to wok with the map module, so the problem is solved.I think the thread can be closed.
strange way of working, there is long time since functions have been invented to be called and not duplicate code. You seem right that there are crazy code in darktable.Great, thank you, I hope it will be fixed at some point, not an urgent bug to be fixed, as there is a way to do the task.
Nobody can confirm the problem? Is it only a problem in my system or in linux mint?
You seem to be right, a friend that compiles from sources said me it worked for him and it seems to work in windows.I have installed the library using apt and now it works, so it seems it was a missing dependency in the appimage.Please if you correct it in the next version tell us in order to remove that library (by the way it seems to be quite a big bunch of related libraries).