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2022 was so bad in terms of junk emails and noise that I started the Virtual Secretary, a Python framework to write intelligent email filters by crossing information between several sources to guess what incoming emails are and whether they are important/urgent or not. When I'm talking about junk emails, it's also Github notifications, pings on (thank God I closed my account on that stupid forum), YouTube, and direct emails from people hoping to get some help in private.Having become "the face" of darktable, mostly because I'm one of the few to bother providing user education and training instead of just pissing code, I didn't see that coming, and I wasn't prepared. A lot of people
It's been roughly 3 months that I rebranded "R&Darktable" (that nobody seemed to get right), into "Ansel", then bought the domain name and created the website from scratch with Hugo (I had never programmed in Golang before, but it's mostly template code).Then I spent a total 70 h on making the nightly packages builds for Windows and Linux work for continuous delivery, something that Darktable never got right ("you can build yourself, it's not difficult"), only to see the bug tracker blow up after release (nothing better than chaining the pre-release sprint with a post-release one to reduce your life expectancy).People keep asking for a Mac build because they have no notion of the amount