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I opened a photo folder and found some images are NOT rotated.

Double click on the image in order to enter the darkroom and on the terminal I receive the following error:

[image_cache_write_release] sqlite3 error 19

Since I am testing Wayland on my KDE, can this be a Wayland connected problem?



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    • Ciao,

      I don't see how switching display would affect database read-write, unless there is an hidden race condition and some is faster with Wayland.

      • Yes, this is logic.

        Switched to Xorg. Launched Ansel from a terminal.

        Images now are swowed correctly but opening them the error is still there...

        Same error also simply hovering with the mouse on them from the lighttable!

        Not on all images but only on some of them...

        Do you think I need to perform some maintenance operation on the database?

        • The SQLite error code 19 seems to indicate that an attempt to create an element with an already existing key was made : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3415589/unable-to-insert-in-sqlite-error-code19

          Did you manipulate the database yourself ? That might be a corruption.

          • Ciao, I did any manual operation on the SQLite database and I really do not know when this problem raised for the first time since I never start Ansel from a terminal...

            I can try to replace the databse with one from a recent backup and see it it will work.


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