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Personally I do not like or use the import in LightTable. I see no benefit to having all the raw files in a folder imported into Ansel.

I think Ansel should just have a very simple browser that does not import files into Ansel. One can fly through all RAW files quickly and click to import.

I had tried for years to use the Import and just hate it.

Now my workflow is very smooth and quick. (I have the Nikon .NEF file properties associated to Ansel)

My Nikon workflow is...

1 - Open Windows File Explorer on 2nd monitor

2 - Open Nikon NX Studio on main display

3 - Rate all keepers in full screen preview in Nikon NX Studio

4 - Click on any keeper in Windows File Explorer and it imports the file into Ansel

This way I only have the keepers imported.

I would love to see a very simple file browsing ability built into Ansel prior to actual import. One could view/click to import at full screen preview. Once the keeper is importer, then do all that is further needed in LightTable/DarkTable. I know the 'add to library' has the thumbnail view but it it would be a much better UI if the 'add to library' was actually a file preview/browser that could be maximized to full screen with the preview becoming the main object making up 95% of the screen with the ability to zoom into picture at 100% to check for focus etc. and then click on the 'add to library' button to import. Or better still, add a check box to each file and one can go through all the files and click the check box for the keepers and then click the 'add to library' button. Once the 'add to library button has been clicked, the 'add to library' window should not close, there should be a dedicated close button.