Community Help & Rules

The Community is a place where you can ask questions and share knowledge about Ansel, color theory and image processing. Before asking questions or reporting issues here, go ask Chantal AI to see if the answer is not already referenced somewhere.

This place is for knowledge aggregation

All the content posted here is used to train the language model of Chantal AI, and all the links you post are added to its index, increasing the knowledge base. If things are done right, what we are creating here is the Alexandria library of image processing, where the librarian is an artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is to efficiently put users in touch with solutions to their problems.

This calls for some basic ground rules:

  • avoid duplicates, but also avoid bumping old threads if they don't exactly match your issue,
  • try to keep communications concise yet complete (give all the relevant details, but nothing more – it's not always easy to gage),
  • avoid chitchat (we have a chat for that) and "thanks", "me too", overly polite messages that don't bring information.


Bug reports

Bug reports should preferably be made on Github tracker. But if you are unsure, if you have no account on Github or you feel intimidated be the dev-centric platform, it's ok to report here.

Please read the introduction post a culture of problem solving in open-source software before reporting bugs, to understand the process you will start by reporting, and how to help making it efficient.

Asking questions

Please ask your questions in the forum (aka discussions). Do not use blog posts for questions, people susceptible to answer may not find them. If you need quick answers, you can also try the realtime chat, although it is better to post here to leave lasting and indexable documentation.

Sharing tips and tricks

You can use blog posts to share your knowledge in long-form.

Sharing videos

You can post videos (preferably hosted elsewhere, so really just post the embedding link), for example tutorials or theory. Anything reliable on image processing, color theory, human and computer vision is welcome.

Image and documents attachments

Forum discussions, blog posts and updates can all have attachments, hosted on this server. You can upload any kind of file (even .pdf and .xmp), except executables and binaries for security reasons.

Please avoid hosting attachment on third-party servers (especially editing histories stored in .xmp), as the links may be short-lived.

Free users get a total storage of 256 MB for all their uploads. Premium users have unlimited storage space. Image files should be limited to a resolution of 2048×2048 px, and encoded in JPG at quality 85 (this is a guideline that will not be enforced, just use your best judgment here).