Comment to 'What features does lighttable/filmstrip thumbnails have ?'
  • You have a special workflow using other softwares in addition to Ansel (Nikkon NX Studio). It is your choice, so it is your responsability to fit Nikkon Studio with Ansel, not the responsability of Aurélien Pierre to bend Ansel to fit your OWN workflow.

    I personnaly use Digikam with Darktable/Ansel. I made my own adaptations to get the two working together, I did not ask A.P to do it for me.

    If you wanna use a "Raw converter" with a simple file preview/browser, there is ART/Rawtherapee which already do that.

    If you want to use Ansel with a file explorer, you can use Windows/Linux files explorer and right clic "Open with Ansel" to open and import immediately your picture with Ansel. If the picture was already imported in Ansel, it will just open it. You do not need to start Ansel and then "Import".

    The Import function of Ansel is essential : this is the way Ansel get the medatada of the pictures and is able to perform quick search in his own library. Lightroom and a lot of other Raw softwares have the SAME behaviour. You can not expect a software to be able to perform quick search based on metadata and at the same time be a simple file browser with no library database.