Comment to 'What features does lighttable/filmstrip thumbnails have ?'
  • I would like to see a number rating 0 to 9 added

    I would like to see a alfa rating a - z

    I would like to see the number of stars increased to 9

    and perhaps the number of colors increased

    I shoot live music and I find the need to define band/member/rating/misc. As in a music festival there may be 12 bands that perform, each have band members, each member photo needs to be rated, there are also misc photos that include audience, backstage etc that need to be separated from the artists.

    I would love to be able to apply all those ratings prior to an actual import into Ansel. Probably a very big job to do but as I mentioned in other posts, I really see the need for a simple file browser prior to import.

    • Hey Steve,

      whenever I need to get to that level of detail in filtering, I use tags to be able to show only images containing on particular person for example.

      Regarding your other request to have a file browser inside the import dialoge I don't really see the need. At the moment you can either do your culling and rating before import in other software as you describe with Nikon NX Studio (or other options from what I have gathered in "I don't use Lighttable at all"-discussions) or do it after the import with the help of Ansel's Lighttable (once it's rework is done that is). Why add a third option that lives "in between"?

      • Rating has to be between 0 and 5 as per XMP specs (

        Defining band/member/music should be done with tags (already feasible, tags are hiearchical and can be retrieved as collections).

        Anything more relying on text shall be done in text sidecar files.