Comment to 'Dev diary #2 - Introducing Chantal'
  • I agree with most, understand you, all of us have experienced that problems.

    Will see how this AI project evolves and if it helps to find info. I am not all that fan of it, not good experiences with that kind of assistants.

    Me as a user have the same problem from the opposite site.

    It is no easy to find good info about darktable or other subjects too much info is about as bad as no info

    If you let me an provide an advice, I will say the way to go is a good book about Ansel.

    I know it is hard to write a good book, but you have the ability for it, and s book can be sold easily.

    I know you have provided many written info and many video tutorials, but it lacks organization for a newbie. That is great if you want to know about how a module works, but not as good for someone that wants to learn how to use Ansel and get good results.

    Forums lack good organization and persistence, as good info soon get lost under lots of new info.

    The book should cover all aspects from basic install, configuration, import and development, from s photographer pov and not from a color expert view, with examples different kinds of photos .

    Too Technical and detailed info better linked to your original articles.

    May be you need help from someone that has good in-depth knowledge of Ansel/DT as a photographer.

    You have enough material and have the teaching capabilities to write it.

    That would be a great source of organized info and may be a good money income.

    • I have written 2 books in my life, and the number of hours to put is insane, and for topics like software where the life expectancy of the information is so short, it's not worth it… A book would get outdated too soon.

      Have you checked the growing "workflow" section on the website ?